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"A gorgeous cultural history" ... "well presented" ... "an important contribution to the floral industry"

LOS ANGELES, California: In November 2008, the Los Angeles Flower Market of the American Florists' Exchange released its comprehensive, pictorial historical account of the Southern California floral industry, a glorious history of the original flower industry families and companies that supplied fresh flowers year 'round to florists across the United States, for many years, until advancing technology introduced imported flowers. We remember these people and their dedication and hard work in this one-of-a-kind, keepsake volume.

The hardbound, 288-page full color collector’s book, Sending Flowers to America: Stories of the Los Angeles Flower Market and the People Who Built an American Floral Industry, shares dozens of vignettes and stories of the original flower farmers of the Los Angeles metropolitan area, along with the wholesalers, suppliers and shippers of the early days. Most of the first-hand stories were shared with Peggi Ridgway and Jan Works, authors of Sending Flowers to America, by the families' descendants and by retired old-timers and their spouses (as old as 104 when interviewed!), who also contributed their photographs and keepsakes for the book. Other material was gleaned from the pages of Southern Florist & Nurseryman magazine (now defunct) and The Bloomin' News (October 1949 - ), as well as other regional historical resources.

This is the story of a lifetime, preserved in full color and hard cover, a beautiful coffee table book and a valuable historical resource. (Also makes a great gift to one's self and to anyone who enjoys flowers or history or both!)

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