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Bloomin' New Perspective from Jean-Pascal Lemire - Summer 2018

Proteas Take Their Star Turn, by Kit Wertz - Summer 2018

How to Grow Your Mother's Day Sales - Spring/April 2018

Turning a Bridal Shower into a Floral Headdress Design Class, by Reina Evangelista - Spring/April 2018

Lori Novak Finds Every Volunteer Opportunity a Learning Experience - Winter/Jan 2018

By Design: Ice Flowers: Add Frost Three Ways for Wintery Drama, by Kit Wertz - Winter/Jan 2018

10 Bright Business Ideas - Offer custom photos, fill empty areas, get active on Pinterest ... wake up to creative marketing - Winter/Jan 2018


Phil Rulloda Shines at AIFD Symposium X - Fall/October 2017

By Design - Windox Box Inspired Holiday Designs for Mantles and More, by Kit Wertz - Fall/October 2017

Local SAIFD Chapters Win Big at AIFD Symposium - Fall/October 2017

Three Who Make a Difference: Rene van Rems, Fred Gibbons, Elizabeth Seiji - Summer/July 2017

Make a Summer Splash with Floating Florals, by Kit Wertz - Summer/July 2017

Books: Designing with Succulents (second edition) by Debra Lee Baldwin

In the Garden with Victoria Ketcham, Upton Grey Floral - April/Spring 2017

Why I Fly with Flowers (and You Should, Too), by Kasey Cronquist, CEO and Ambassador, California Cut Flower Commission and Administrator of Certified American Grown Flower program

By Design: A Flowery Visit from the Easter Bunny, by Kit Wertz

California Flowers, Naturally - A Fantastic CaliFlora Event (held at the Original Los Angeles Flower Market in Nov 2016) - January/Winter 2017

Making Artful Florals with Fruits and Vegetables - Kit Wertz - January/Winter 2017

Bright Ideas for a Successful Floral Business - January/Winter 2017


Gonzalez Sons Wholesale Flowers: Blooming Where Planted - October/Fall 2016

Embrace a Dia De Los Meurtos Color Palette for Fall Designs - by Kit Wertz - October/Fall 2016

Designing for the Field to Vase Dinner Tour at the Flower Fields in Carlsbad - Kit Wertz - July/Summer 2016

All Generations Buying More Flowers - July/Summer 2016

The Flower Chef: A Modern Guide to Do-It-Yourself Floral Arrangements (book review) - July/Summer 2016

Becoming a Certified California Florist (CCF) - April/Spring 2016

By Design: Today's Wedding Flowers: Lush, Organic, Loose - Kit Wertz - April/Spring 2016

Why We Honor Administrative Assistants - April/Spring 2016

Doug Mayes' Last Minute Florist in Carson - January/Winter 2016

Making Hearts for Valentine's Day - by Kit Wertz - January/Winter 2016

Bright Ideas for 2016 Success - January/Winter 2016


Mellano & Company - 90 Years of Fresh Cut Flowers - October/Fall 2015 

Remembering Floral Sympathy Expressions - October/Fall 2015

By Design: Flower-themed Place Card Holders Double as Guest Favors - October/Fall 2015

Mr. B's Flowers Reflects Hasson Family Skills and Talents
- Summer 2015

World Floral Expo's "California Dreamin'" Lands Here in 2015 in Heart of US Floral Industry - by Anne Price, CalFlowers - Summer 2015

Macres Florist, Santa Ana, Honors Its Rich Tradition - Spring 2015 - see PDF

50 Years Ago, Local Florists Started AIFD - Spring 2015

Reach Your PROM Customer: In School - Spring 2015

By Design: Garlands Adorn People, Places and Vases by Kit Wertz - Spring 2015

Selling to Millennials - Spring 2015

How to Shop the Los Angeles Flower Market - Winter/January 2015 - see PDF

By Design: Memorial Flower Trends: A Celebration of Life in Flowers, by Kit Wertz - Winter/January 2015

A College Course About Flowers, adapted from The Cut Flower Quarterly - Winter/January 2015


Limited Only by Your Imagination: Chris Matsumoto, Imaginator Extraordinaire - Fall/Holiday 2014

By Design: For The Love Of Greenery, by Kit Wertz - Fall/Holiday 2014

The Wall Farmer's Market - Fall/Holiday 2014

Rose Parade Excitement Grows - Fall/Holiday 2014

The Bloom of Time: Adrienne Moore Styles for Weddings
- Summer 2014}

Summer's Bold Colors and Patterns Turn Up the Heat, by Kit Wertz - Spring 2014

Gallup & Stribling Orchids and Westland Floral: Melding Strategy and Strength - April 2014

Pantone Color Ideas for Easter and Mother's Day, by Kit Wertz, Flower Duet, Torrance, CA - April 2014

Ann Quinn Leads the California State Floral Association - January 2014

Calif Flora Wows 'Em in Carpinteria - January 2014


Hidden Garden Floral Design (Amy Child Marella's System for Success) - Summer 2013

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - The Cafe at the Original Los Angeles Flower Market - Summer 2013

FlowerFusion (Jan Wilder's Orange County wedding studio) - Spring 2013

Michelle Castellano Keeler, Inspired to Participate, Motivated to Lead - Spring 2013

Skyline Flowers (Tom Goldberg and family) - Winter (January 2013)

CSFA's "Calif Flora 2012" - Winter (January 2013)

Carousel Ball (Fred Gibbons, Chris Matsomoto) - Winter (January 2013)


Fitzgerald's Flower Shop (Reina and Ferdinand Sumabat), Fall 2012

Three Tips for Floral Success, Fall 2012

Volunteering & Teaching: A Great Combo, featuring Gail Call AIFD, Del Langdale and Kathe Hayden CCF, Summer 2012

"Fireworks!", flowers that look like fireworks, Summer 2012

Remembering Johnny Mellano, Summer 2012 -  View story (PDF)

Floret Cadet (Kate Hubin Piliero), May 2012

FlowerCloud, May 2012

The Rene van Rems Style, March 2012

Certified "California Grown" Rose Parade Floats by Cal Poly University students and the California Clock Company, manufacturer of the Kit Cat wall clock

The New Marketing Strategy

A Wonderful Duet - Flower Duet (Torrance), January 2012

Florist On The Move - Floral Fields, January 2012

CSFA's "Calif Flora 2011" - January 2012

Bright Ideas, How to Grow Profits in 2012 - January 2012


Father of the Bride by Tony Alvarez AIFD CCF, November 2011

Colors of the Season, November 2011

Christmas Capital of California (Encinitas), November 2011

Zap Your Holiday Stress, November 2011

You're On in 1, 2, 3 ..., November 2011

Solar System Powers the Flower Market, September 2011 - View Story (PDF)

Social Media Jitters, September 2011

"Boooo!" Time, September 2011

The Holidays: Prepare Now, Profit Later, September 2011

J Schwanke Leads California Grown Experience, July 2011

Tips for Competing in Floral Design Contests by Tony Alvarez AIFD CCF, July 2011

Where Were These Flowers Grown? (with Debra Prinzing), July 2011

Flowers by Orie (Woodland Hills), May 2011

10 Tips for a Successful Retail Shop Sale (by Sean Edelstein), May 2011

A Honey of a Bee Garden (UC,Davis), May 2011

White House Florist (Bellflower), March 2011

Joseph Shinoda Memorial Scholarship Foundation, March 2011

The Flowery (Villa Park), January 2011

Trending in 2011, January 2011



The Elegant and Magical Poinsettia, November 2010

Phil Rulloda on Teaching Floral Design, September 2010

Teleflora: Big on Education, September 2010

GM Floral Company, July 2010

Lizbeth Ecke, President, American Florists' Exchange - L A Flower Market, July 2010

Marc Byrd, Eventful Floral Design, May 2010

Wedding Design Photos of Marc Byrd, May 2010

Being PROM-Prepared May Bring Future Business, May 2010

The "Awe Inspiring" Retail Flower Shop, by Sue Fuhrman, May 2010

Lee Burcher, AIFD, CFD, PFCI, Bixby Knolls Florist, March 2010

California State Floral Association, March 2010

Society of American Florists, March 2010

In Memoriam, Bert Johnson, March 2010

Paula Dulan Estes and Petalos di Pauli, January 2010

Sure You're Ready for the End of Recession, by Amanda Long, Society of American Florists, January 2010

Tough Economic Times May Spike Claims, by Maria Shepherd, Hortica Insurance, January 2010


Gersain Bustos, Growers Direct, November 2009

Have a Wildly Successful Holiday Open House!, November 2009

Elizabeth Seiji AIFD, Edelweiss Flower Boutique, September 2009


Michael Daniels, Silver Birches, July 2009

Flower Salad (Steve & Cindy Kim),  May 2009

Walking the Flower District, May 2009 -  View Story (PDF)

Christine Saunders, The Spiral Stem Floral Design - March 2009

Upside Opportunities (during a down economy) for Retail Florists, by Terry Johnson - January 2009

The Lugaro Family Growers - The Best of Sending Flowers to America

Strebin Farms is Blooming - January 2009

Local Designers Share Romance Arrangements (Tom Simmons AIFD and Anthony Vigliotta AIFD) - January 2009

Design Shows in the Area - January 2009

Mexico Growing Into Major Flower Supplier - January 2009

Bright Ideas (to Grow Your Florist Business) - January 2009


 SENDING FLOWERS TO AMERICA - The Making of the BookView Story (PDF)

Supplier Spotlight - Sunflower Technologies - November 2008

Scary, Scary Economy - November 2008

Vasquez Flowers & Gifts - September 2008

Rooms in Bloom - Photo Story - California State Floral Association florists & designers and the growers of California Association of Flower Growers & Shippers at the elegant and historic Bixby Mansion in north Long Beach, CA - September 2008

Florists Saving More Than Money, Margaret Freepartner - Sept 2008

Valle Wholesale Flowers, Gary & Mario Valle - July 2008

Around the Flower Market - Paraiso, Cal Pom Pons, Gayle Wilson's visit

Hot delivery vans + hot weather = Pay Attention to Those Blooms

Debbie Fields, Floral Fields - May 2008

Beating the Economic Blues - May 2008 - win-win for florists - May 2008

Flowers for Film - Movies & TV - featuring florists/designers Cori Levelle at Sandy Rose Floral, Inc., Sam van Wert at Flower Dec and Kim Randolph at The Enchanted Florist - March 2008

Making Your Own Photography Mini-Studio by Julie Diebolt Price - March 2008  

The Stamis - Sanchez - Villa Connection - January 2008

Balloons Away - January 2008


Designing for the Fall Season - Nov 2007

California's Water Woes, Eric Larson, San Diego Farm Bureau - Nov 2007

The Changing Face of Retail Flower Shops, Maria C. Shepherd - Nov 2007

What Did You Spend in 2007, Wanda Weder, AAF - Nov 2007

Fred Gibbons & Treefrogs - World Class Events - Sept 2007

Fred Gibbons Shares Tips for Planning Large, Long Distance Events - Sept 2007

LA Special Event Planners Lori Jones, Carol Saunders, Cindy Hassel - Sept 2007

Designs by David / David Mark - July 2007

Driving Miss Daisy in a Cool Truck or Van, Sue Fuhrman - July 2007

Floral Design Competition, Phil Rulloda AAF, AIFD, PFCI - July 2007

Energize Summer with Flowers, Belinda Sanders - July 2007

Vases by Robert, Los Angeles Flower Market tenant, May 2007

Turning the Cool Generation into Flower Buyers, Peggi Ridgway, May 2007

National Floral Marketing Funding Initiative, March 2007

California Certified Florist Program, March 2007

How Wholesalers Preserve the Cold Chain, March 2007

Los Angeles Flower Market photo-essay, January 2007


Blossom Valley, Flower Market vendor, November 2006

Moskatels, Flower Market supplier, Sept 2006

Flower District Gateway Goes Floral, Sept 2006

Connection to Feeling Good, with Flowers, Sept 2006

Mina Wholesale Flowers, July 2006

Here Come L.A. Blooms, Terry Johnson, July 2006

Differentiate with Design & Delivery Options, WF&FSA, July 2006

The Future of Floral Transportation, WF&FSA, July 2006

California Flower Facts, CCFC, July 2006

Alicia Dorman, Alicia's Flowers, May 2006

Walk In or Keep Walking?, walk-in traffic, May 2006

"Making Arrangement" florist film, May 2006

Energy Research, Cheap Transportation, May 2006

Marcia McCann, Wedding Floral Designer, March 2006

Cats at the Flower Market, March 2006

Cal Poly Pomona: High Tech Ag School, Jan 2006

A Key to Successful Marketing Strategies, Judith A. Barry, Jan 2006


La Belle Orange Blossom Florist, Nov 2005

Post-harvest Issues, Chain of Life Network, Sept 2005

Martin Sanchez: Selling Peaches, Not Roses, Sept 2005

Eliseo's Wholesale, July 2005

Fresh Facts for Growers, Dr. Michael Reid, Cal-Zhong Ziang and Feng Lu, July 2005

Summer Vacation: What Happened to It?, Tom Lavagetto, July 2005

Floral Design (Classes) in Southern California (directory), May 2005

Vincent Gonzalez Wholesale, March 2005

California Pom Pons, Vincent Gonzales, March 2005

Paradise Florist Los Angeles, Jose Velez, January 2005


Vissers Florist, Anaheim, November 2004

Your Website: Creating a Linking Network, Peggi Ridgway, November 2004

Ray Tucker, Forest Lawn Head Florist, September 2004

Your Website: Optimize & Register, Peggi Ridgway, September 2004

Creative Profits, David Shover, September 2004

Emerald City, Ernest Esquer, Whittier florist, July 2004

31 Flavors of Roses Trend, CCFC, July 2004

Your Website: Paid Inclusion, Peggi Ridgway, July 2004

Do-It-Yourself Shop Publicity, Sue Fuhrman, July 2004

Partner For Profits, Heidi Richards, July 2004

Mellano & Company, May 2004

Teleflora 70th Anniversary, May 2004

Your Website: Search Engine Registrations, Peggi Ridgway, May 2004

A Bottom Line That Defies the Economy: How Two Guys Found the Secret to Retail Florist Success, reprinted with permission from SAF's Florist Management, March 2004

Long Live Spring Flowers, March 2004

Ted Ohara, Pioneer Wholesaler, Jan 2004

Ben Kimura, From the Ball Field to the Flower Field, Jan 2004

Where's the Water? California Water Supply Trends, Jan 2004


Tournament of Roses Parade and Float Builders, Nov 2003

Training Temps for the Holiday Bustle, Nov 2003

Silverio Casabar, Mentor and Prodigy, July 2003

Sandra Arroyo Wholesale Florist, July 2003

Taking Great Flower Photos, Part II, July 2003

Thinking Outside the Design Box, July 2003

SEEDS (Supporting Education and Excellence at Descanso Gardens), May 2003

Michael's Flowers, Simi Valley, May 2003

Dayro's Wholesale Flowers, Los Angeles, May 2003

Fashion District Business Improvement District, May 2003

The Flower Fields at Carlsbad, March 2003

Leo's Flower Shop, Los Angeles, March 2003

Co-op Florist Delivery Service, Los Angeles, January 2003

Shaffer's Florist, Riverside, January 2003


Paul Ecke Ranch and the Poinsettia, November 2002

Gardenia Studio, Los Angeles, July, 2002

Professional Floral Communicators - International, July 2002

Taking Great Flower Photos, July 2002

Develop a Mission Statement, by Heidi Richards, AAF, July 2002

Joe Brewster, the "Orchid Man," September 2002

Ron Hasson, Villa Florist, Los Angeles, September 2002

EthylBloc and Promalin, September 2002

Is It Time to Sell Your Shop? (Sean Edelstein), June 2002

Frank Haley, Haley's Flowers & Gifts, Los Angeles, January 2002

Gilbert Bravo, Gilbert's Wholesale, January 2002

Extra Touch Florists Association profile, January 2002

Julyeta Manukyan, The Blue Iris, Glendale, March 2002

Iris Cho and Martine Birruetta, Tropical USA, March 2002

Spring Cleaning for Florists (Tom Lavagetto), March 2002

Kim Brothers, Los Angeles Flower Market, May 2002

Jenny Barker, Magical Blooms, Hermosa Beach, May 2002


Cathy Hillen-Rulloda, Avante Gardens, Anaheim, AIFD, PFCI, November 2001

Everlasting Gardens, Huntington Beach, November 2001

Hello! Does Anybody Know About My Web Site?, September 2001

Obliterating Buyer's Remorse (Tom Lavagetto), September 2001

Bob Berry, Pasadena, September 2001

2001 LA Fleur Expo, July 2001

René van Rems, AIFD, PFCI, profile, May 2001

Phil Rulloda, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, profile, May 2001

Jacob Maarse, Pasadena, July 2001

Selecting the Right Fresh Flower Food, June 2001

Floral Promotion Organization (FPO), May 2001

Mayesh Wholesale Flowers, March 2001

Mark's Garden, Sherman Oaks, March 2001

Frank Kuwahara, Miracle-worker, January 2001

Sea Coast Greenhouses, January 2001


Nan Pelly, Nan's Custom Floral, Brea, November 2000

Michael Anthony Mellano, Mellano & Company, San Luis Rey, November 2000

Kim Randolph, The Enchanted Florist, Toluca Lake/Burbank, September 2000

Fresh Perspectives 2000, Standards in the Floral Industry, September 2000

The Ethylene Wars, Terry Johnson, Horticultural consultant, September 2000

Designing with Lines, Rich Salvaggio, AIFD, AAF, PFCI, Teleflora

Dave Clark, Dave's Flowers, Westminster, July 2000

Who is Gerald Stevens, July 2000

Jeff Schraer, Conroy's, Los Angeles, May 2000

The Cachero, Sandoval and Stelzner Families, Los Angeles, May 2000

Flowers by Bob Garren, March 2000

Sunnyvale Floral Shippers / Watsonville Nurseries, March 2000

Victor The Florist, Santa Barbara, January 2000


Suzann's Flowers, Ontario, Pomona, Upland, November 1999

Poinsettia Pride Began with Paul Ecke, November 1999

Holiday Traditions, December 1999

Bo K. Suh, microbiologist, January 1999



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