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To write for Bloomin' News or submit an article idea:

We welcome story ideas and articles and will be happy to give a credit by-line to the article author. We can't pay writers, but we'll be happy to make extra copies of the article or Bloomin' News magazine available at no charge. And of course, we'll publish your credit by-line.


Article Guidelines:


"People & Places" - new execs, new chairman of the board, news about retail florists, floral designers, wholesalers/distributors, suppliers and others in the floriculture industry, especially those in the California floriculture industry, as well as information about new facilities, shop upgrades, etc.

"Roundabout" - a local focus - events and news about florists, designers, suppliers and others you know.

"By Design" - articles that offer tips and techniques for floral designers. Can be seasonal or event or holiday specific; or for use in everyday design.

"Potpourri" - a variety of news items that do not necessarily fit into one of the other categories, of interest to Californians and those involved in the floriculture industry in California.

"Books for You" - reviews of books for the floral industry. Examples - how to start a nursery, a pictorial guide to roses, floral design tips and techniques (or specific design areas such as wedding and sympathy design, etc.), floral shop management and others.

"Calendar" - a comprehensive listing of what's happening in the next couple months; and a "save the date" section for special events.

Cover Story Features and Inside-the-Magazine Features:

  • Feature stories and photos about established retail florists, designers, instructors and suppliers who use the Los Angeles Flower Market regularly
  • Articles and photos about wholesalers/growers who are tenants of or who frequently use the Los Angeles Flower Market
  • Business articles such as timing the sale of your flower shop, trends in the industry, avoiding scams, etc.
  • Tips for growers, florists, event planners and designers, related to the care, display/design and arranging of flowers/plants
  • Articles describing new technology and systems for floral retailers and designers.

Stories are submitted with the understanding that the writer does not expect payment, although extra copies of the newsletter and/or a PDF (of the article by itself or with the entire newsletter) can be provided upon request.

We invite you to submit any news item or item of interest to the Southern California floral community. It does not need to be a full article. We\'ll be happy to accept your information and shape it into our format.

Tips for Submitting Articles

If you are writing and submitting your own article for publication, please contact our editor first to determine if a similar article has recently been published or may be under consideration. If you get the OK to submit the article, make sure your manuscript conforms to our guidelines. Please download the word count guidelines (PDF) as well. Check our deadlines below.

If you would like your floral industry related announcements included in our update departments (listed above), please send them to us.

Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

  • Use a readable font that is standard on most computers, such as Times Roman, Arial (Helvetica) or Calibri, in 10 pt. or 12 pt.
  • Double space
  • Left justify
  • Up to three pages of typed, double-spaced copy
  • Write in the \"third person\" (not \"I\", \"we\" or \"us\")
  • Take a general approach to the subject that will be of interest to readers from San Diego to Central California. Know your subject, do your homework, be credible and base statements on facts and realities.
  • Write objectively, as in news reporting style.
  • Include a good quality photo if available.
  • Submit as a Microsoft Word file or as a text (\".txt\") or Rich Text (\".rtf\") file.
  • Include your name, address, phone, fax and email information. Also include your credentials or what it is that qualifies you to write this particular article.

Note: We welcome articles submitted by students and beginning free lancers, as well as more seasoned journalists and experts in the fields of floriculture and horticulture. Contact us for more information. Be sure to download our word count guidelines.


Neither the editorial service (Wordpix) nor the publisher agrees to monetary compensation for any submitted article or published article unless by special arrangement. Credit in the form of a byline and/or short biographical paragraph will be published with author and publisher approval and copies of the publication in which the article appears are available at no charge.


Our publication goes to print on the First Day of the Month before Publication. Please contact us by six weeks before publication:

Inquire about the story/idea by: NOVEMBER 1.
Submit material by NOVEMBER 15.

Inquire about the story/idea by: FEBRUARY 1.
Submit material by FEBRUARY 15.

Inquire about the story/idea by: MAY 1.
Submit material by MAY 15.

Inquire about the story/idea by: AUGUST 1.
Submit material by AUGUST 15.



All articles are reviewed by the editorial committee of The Bloomin' News and are subject to revision, modification and publication or rejection by the committee. Publication of an article does not constitute endorsement by The Bloomin' News, the Original Los Angeles Flower Market, the American Florists Exchange, Ltd. or the Los Angeles Flower District. Articles are submitted on a contributory basis only and neither the editor nor the publisher agrees to monetary compensation for any submitted article or published article. Credit in the form of a byline and/or short biographical paragraph or photography credit will be published with author/photographer and publisher approval and copies of the publication in which the article appears are available at no charge.


The Bloomin\' News is always interested in articles and ideas for and about the floricultural industry. We invite you to contribute your article. Please contact our editor.

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